Computer Technology

“Computers are not the thing— they are the thing that gets us to the thing.”

~ Lee Pace as Joe MacMillan in AMC’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire’

Computer Engineering Technology

Computer Engineering Technology courses look at the small elements of computing systems such as logic, transistors, and resistors, computing components like CPU's and hard drives, and newer elements of technology that are constantly evolving.  Computer technology is an expanding branch of engineering, with roots in both electrical engineering and computer science. It includes the related areas of computer hardware and software; computer interfacing, programming, and networking; analog and digital electronics; and robotics.


Computer Technology - TEJ2O - Grade 10 (Open)

This course introduces students to computer systems, networking, and interfacing, as well as electronics and robotics. Students will assemble, repair, and configure computers with various types of operating systems and application software. Students will build small electronic circuits and develop computer programs to control simple peripheral devices or robots.  Class hardware include Hummingbird and other Arduino based micro-controllers.  Students use LEDs, servos, motors, and a variety of input sensors.  Students will also develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will learn about secondary and post-secondary pathways and career opportunities in computer technology.

Prerequisite: None

Introduction to Computer Science - TEJ3M- Grade 11 (College/University)

This course examines computer systems and control of external devices. Students will develop knowledge and skills in electronics, robotics, programming, and networks.  Students will build systems that use computer programs and interfaces to control and/or respond to external devices.  Student projects may  Students will program in block based languages and the Arduino language.  Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will learn about college and
university programs leading to careers in computer technology.

(Prerequisite: None)

Computer Science - ICS4U - Grade 12 (University)

In grade 12 students continue to use Python to explore advanced concepts in Computer Science.  Students delve into inheritance, polymorphism, recursion, advanced data structures, and more.  A focus on planning and Object Oriented design is maintained along with and exploration of design patterns.  Students reflect upon their designs and the designs of their peers.  The class introduces topics such as Big Data and Machine Learning.  Students use large scale projects to explore concepts and refine design skills. Projects include advanced media manipulation such as image filters, or creating images from raw data.

(Prerequisite: ICS3U)

Collaborating in class
Arduino microcontroller