Specialist High Skills Major Programs

The Technological Education Department offers Specialist High Skills Major programs in:

  1. Construction & Carpentry
  2. Information & Communication Technology
  3. Health Care & Medical Technologies

A Specialist High School Major (SHSM) is a ministry-approved specialized program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school. It also assists in their transition after graduation to apprenticeship, college, university, or the workplace.

Our Specialist High Skills Major programs consist of a bundle of courses in a specialized field completed over grades 11 and 12.  Students gain workplace experience through co-operative education, as well as additional certification and training related to their SHSM sector.

Advantages of a Specialist High Skills Major

  • Offer experiential learning opportunities and interactions with industry professionals
  • Earn sector recognized certifications and training recognized by industry
  • Provide supplemental opportunities to identify career goals and explore post-secondary pathways
  • Course bundles are flexible to allow students to change pathway as their post-secondary goals may change

Recognition from the Ministry of Education

  • an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with an embossed SHSM seal
  • an SHSM Record documenting his/her achievement
  • formal recognition on his/her Ontario Student Transcript.

Visit each program page to find out about what each program can offer you on your academic and career pathway.