Grade 9 Tech

Grade 8 Parent Information Night - Nov 4th 2021

Grade 8 Parent Information Night can help you learn about STA, our programs, and our community.  Our live virtual session is on November 3 from 6-8 pm.  Visit the STA Main page for more information on your child becoming a Future Raider.

Try Tech in Grade 9

Can't wait to try a tech course?  Not sure what areas of technological education you will explore?  We offer an Exploring Technology (TIJ1O) course for grade 9 students.  This course is designed for grade 9's to explore their options for future tech classes, build upon their skills, and hopefully uncover or strengthen a passion. Subject areas explored in TIJ1O vary each year based on teacher and shop space available.

STA also offers focused tech courses for grade 9s in Hairstyling and Aesthetics, Hospitality, and now in Digital Making!


Exploring Technology

TIJ1O- Grade 9 (Open)

This course enables students to further explore and develop technological knowledge and skills introduced in the elementary science and technology program. Students will be given the opportunity to design and create products and/or provide services related to the various technological areas or industries, working with a variety of tools, equipment, and software commonly used in industry. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues, and  ill begin to explore secondary and postsecondary education and training pathways leading to careers in technology-related fields.

Students will work in multiple areas of focus depending on teacher and facility availability.  As an example, a student may explore Construction, Transportation, and Computer Technology in a single semester.  However, subject options may change from year to year due to teacher and shop availability.

Digital Making and Expression

TIJ1O- Grade 9 (Open)

Want to be a creator?  Technology increasingly touches more areas of work, entertainment, and everyday life.  This course explores how people communicate messages, ideas, and personal expression. Students learn about communication technologies and techniques as they relate across graphic, print, and textile design, photography, interactive media, and animation. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will begin to explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the field.

Exploring Hairstyling and Aesthetics

TXJ1O- Grade 9 (Open)

The course provides an overview to the techniques in the Hairstyling and Aesthetics Industry. The development of  fundamental skills in hairstyling, manicures and facials including hair/scalp analysis and treatments will be developed through the use of materials, processes and techniques in the industry. Instructional strategies, including cooperative learning, problem-solving, classroom management for a safe classroom, and evaluation of performance-based learning provide a focus for instructional methods appropriate for industry standards. The course includes evaluation of participants' technical proficiency in Hairstyling and Aesthetics.

Exploring Hospitality and Tourism

TFJ1O- Grade 9 (Open)

This exploratory course introduces students to concepts and skills related to hospitality and tourism, focusing on the areas of food handling, food preparation, the origins of foods, event planning, and local tourism. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will begin to explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the field.