Computing Contests

Computing Contests

STA regularly supports computing contests by proctoring external contests, or hosting qualifying contests for students who wish to represent the school at a contest. Computing contests come in a variety of formats requiring different skill sets and experience.

University of Waterloo Contests

Each year STA offers students the opportunity to participate in the computing contests offered by Waterloo University. These contests are voluntary and a fee applies.  Contests are designed by Waterloo Univerisity.


Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC)

The Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) introduces computer science to students in grades 9 and 10. It's designed to get students with little or no previous coding experience excited about computing. The contest runs in November each year. More details can be found at the Waterloo site and you can also view sample problems.

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Canadian Computing Competition (CCC)

The CCC is a contest for students to program competitively as an individual.  Students may choose the language they wish to use in the competition. See the Waterloo site for contest dates.